If nothing else,

If nothing else, Pierpoint Landing offered almost invariably spectacular dusks as the sun set gloriously behind the Palos Verdes Peninsula. In the late ’50s, when there were relatively few attractions in Southern California, the place was packed on a weekend. In ’57, three acres of parking were added to the existing seven, making room for more than 1,000 cars, and millions of visitors had spent a cheap afternoon at Pierpoint Landing since it opened in 1948 with nothing more than a ticket booth and a pair of boats.

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And it’s hard to find in America, particularly in hick towns like Portland. But while perusing the aisles at the International Foods on SE Stark and 80th Avenue, I found it. Since I didn’t buy out their whole shipment, there should still be some left on the shelf.

One more thing. I think this begs another question, which is: Are the workers these restaurant owners are paying good wages to actually residents of their neighborhoods? Is the money actually going back into the community? Are they employing local Latino workers, or just middle class dreadlocked white hipster kids? I think that is another question that needs to be asked, because the two times I went to Cafe Gratitude in SF, every single worker there appeared to belong to the latter category? I think there is an unfortunate tendency for supposedly progressive businesses that pay fair wages to only hire workers from their own (mostly white, hip, over educated, middle class) communities. Which does not make a business a responsible contributing member of the community if you ask me.