The iPad mini 2

The iPad mini 2 and the Z580CA cost exactly the same amount of money: $299. That is why they can and should be compared. The iPad mini 2 is 2 years old, that why it has less ram, storage, slower processor and such.. For a medium size city with police cars and garbage trucks to fuel, gasoline costs can amount to several hundred thousand dollars annually.But oil also is a revenue source in more than two dozen states, especially for about a third of them. In Alaska, where up to 90 percent of the budget is funded by oil, new Gov. Bill Walker has ordered agency heads to start identifying spending cuts.Other stories of interestChina calls for new talks with North KoreaTrump, Francis: After clashing, a search for common groundTrump budget keeps pledges: Cuts for poor, more for defenseHands off election, ex CIA director says he warned Russia.

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