The St. Paul Companies

The St. Paul Companies understands its decision to stop writing medical malpractice insurance is causing hardship. But huge legal settlements in Florida, Texas and other states have made its malpractice business extremely unprofitable. Think we at a historic opportunity in Maine right now in terms of the issue of diversification, said Rep. Ken Fredette, R Newport, sponsor of Act to Facilitate Energy Cost Reduction. Already a busy gas landscape in Maine: One Boston company announced this week it will start trucking up compressed natural gas for big, commercial users.

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It’s Friday! I’m taking the day off (again). Today, I have the great pleasure of introducing you (again) to Brett Willis. He currently works atThe VIA Agencywriting ads for clients like Welch’s and 1800 Tequila. There’s something comforting to be found in the universally pseudo authentic decor, where instead of the parent you can imagine being the kid bouncing around a booth to mariachi background music. The extra long room has dim lighting, carpeting, arched entryways, a red ceiling, and lots of oversized carved wooden booths good for big groups. There are wall murals of different ingredients painted above each of the booths.