With a fairly new set up

With a fairly new set up at Paradise Palms on Lothian Street, Ninja Buns made a name for themsevles in their debut year around George Square, Middle Meadow Walk and various other pop up food markets. The Ninja Buns team specialise in Gua Bao, an East Asian snack food that resemble miniature meaty burgers freshly made and sized perfectly to istantly chow down on. Despite their new restaurant set up, the Taiwanese food specialists know that street food is still a big part of their charm and announce where they be out and about through their Facebook page..

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The construction management major frequents his parents’ snow cabin in La Porte, a town of about 100 people. It just screams movie star, doesn’t it? But while Chico State student Jesse O’Rourke, 23, doesn’t quite have a red carpet suit picked out just yet, he has seen one of his first loves snowmobile racing transform into making snowmobile racing movies. Granted, he downplays his foray into the filmmaking world, and rightfully so.