Daylight Saving Time Special

Have a lie in at St Giles London on Sunday, March, 26 when the clocks go forward for Daylight Saving Time, as we are giving you your hour back. Enjoy complimentary late check-out plus extended breakfast service at Sage & Chilli.

St Giles London Daylight Saving Time . Enjoy Free late check-out + extended breakfast service on March 26, 2017.

At St Giles London, we believe your Sunday mornings were made for a relaxed pace, not for feeling rushed trying to make up for the hour you lose to Daylight Saving Time. On Sunday, March 26, 2017 when the clocks go forward to British Summer Time, we are giving you your hour back.

Enjoy Complimentary Late Check-out till 12 Midday plus Extended Breakfast Service at Sage & Chilli till 12 Midday. 

Just because London loses an hour to Daylight Saving Time doesn’t mean you have to! #GetBackYourHour.